Wooden Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

We are proud to offer high quality and energy-efficient wooden cooling towers to small scale and large scale industries. It has fill media, wooden splash bars. These support to FRP Grids to ensure accurate and strong positioning. Wooden cooling towers in India from World Cooling Towers are fitted multi-blade aluminium fan with adjustable pitch and geared motor for low rpm suitable for humid atmospheric conditions. Structural is HDG steel, fasteners made of SS304 Bolts for long life. Water Distribution through target spray nozzles. The cladding materials used is corrugated asbestos cement sheets, and the joints are lapped to spray the water inside the tower.

Benefits of Wooden Cooling Towers:

  • Ease of Repair and Maintenance
  • Sustainable and Renewable
  • Natural Insulation
  • Reduced Corrosion Risk
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Good Thermal Properties
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
Description Details
Capacity 10 TR to 1000 TR
Maximum Water Flow Varies according to the capacity
Supply Phase Three Phase
Fan Diameter varies based on capacity
Tower Material Wooden
Shape Rectangular
• Food Processing Industries
• Chemical Industries
• Cold Rooms & A/C Plant
• Megawatt Projects & Diesel/Gas Generators
• Aluminium Die Casting Machine
• Heat Process Industries
• Glass Manufacturing Plant
• Oil Refineries
• Blow Moulding Machine
• Industries Manufacturing Soap and Cosmetics
• Steel Factory and Foundry
• Plastic Injustion Moulding Machine

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