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    Best FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

    As the top cooling tower manufacturer in Malaysia, we deliver our premium quality products to your location at a reasonable price. Highly experienced professionals in our firm are engaged in providing non-corrosive, durable, long-lasting, and tough products to support various industries. Our cooling tower is designed to reduce the water temperature and other liquids used in the Industry. We are committed to provide best in class range of products including FRP Round / Dry / Square / Wooden / Cross Flow / Modular / Evaporative / Natural and Counter Flow Cooling Towers. We supply our products to cities in Malaysia. We also provide cooling tower service in these cities. Order our cooling tower by making calling us on this number 91430 22255 or fill out the online quote form.

    • We also support the different industries by helping them to get energy-efficient products according to the work requirement.
    • Our uniquely designed products are easy to handle, free from corrosion, and produce low sound levels.
    • We are an ISO 9001:2015 reputed cooling tower supplier in Malaysia, committed to bringing the best industrial product to our customers.
    • We manufacture our products in accordance with industry standards and offer affordable cooling tower price in Malaysia compared with other suppliers.
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    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturing Company that Committed to Supply Supreme Quality Cooling Towers in Malaysia

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturing Company that Committed to Supply Supreme Quality Cooling Towers in Malaysia

    Our Range of Industrial Cooling Towers in Malaysia

    Our 13+ years of experience and team of experts help us to supply the highest quality cooling towers across Malaysia. We manufacture supreme quality products and deliver energy-saving cooling towers at a competitive price. Being recognized cooling tower suppliers in Malaysia, we keep upgrading our tailor-made FRP cooling towers with innovative designs to meet our customer’s needs at the best operational cost. Our product is the complete solution to process water cooling by the way of designing cooling towers. Our cooling towers are renowned for their exceptional functionality, energy efficiency, and durability. Below is a list of our cooling towers.

    Counter Flow Cooling Tower Suppliers in India

    Counter Flow Cooling Towers

    Cross flow cooling tower manufacturers

    Cross Flow Cooling Towers

    Dry Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    Dry Cooling Towers

    FRP Round Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    Round Cooling Tower

    wooden cooling tower price in India

    Wooden Cooling Towers

    Natural Draft Cooling Tower Supplier

    Natural Draft Cooling Towers

    Modular Cooling Towers

    FRP-Square-Cooling-Towers Suppliers

    Square Cooling Towers

    Evaporative Cooling Towers at low price

    Evaporative Cooling Towers

    FRP cooling towers in Malaysia

    Trusted Cooling Tower Suppliers in Malaysia

    We are the top cooling tower manufacturers, importers, and suppliers in Malaysia of all types of energy-saving cooling towers at low prices which satisfy Industrial standards. Our team of professionals assists you to get a high-functioning industrial cooling tower in Malaysia depending on your needs with capacities ranging from 10 TR to 1000 TR. We guarantee that you will receive a top-notch cooling tower for your industry that is easy to use and handle, offer heavy-duty, consume low power, prolonged life span, and has corrosion resistance. As Malaysia’s leading cooling tower manufacturers and dealers, we provide a one-stop solution for your product requirement and deliver our quality products at the best price.

    Best Cooling Tower Company in Malaysia

    World Cooling Towers as the foremost cooling tower manufacturer in Malaysia has been providing experts product knowledge and unparalleled dedication to meet all of the Industrial product and spare part needs. Our cooling towers are strong, extremely tough and durable. Whether you are looking for long-lasting, power-saving, corrosion-free and other myriad featured cooling towers, then our products will surely satisfy all your needs.

    Why We are the Best Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Malaysia

    Best product

    We consistently deliver a good product with the highest safety measures which are manufactured using cutting edge technology.

    Lowest price

    To meet Industrial requirements, We manufacture and supply reliable, durable and efficiently functioning cooling towers at cost-effective prices

    Delivery all over Malaysia

    As a leading cooling tower supplier in Malaysia, We deliver the best cooling tower to the Industries at a cost-effective price in Malaysia.

    Industries We Work With

    Cold Storage
    Cold Storages

    Cold Storages

    Power Plants
    Power Plants

    Power Plants



    Steel Plants
    Steel Plants

    Steel Plants

    Food Processing Plants
    Food Processing Plants

    Food processing plants

    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Petrochemical Plants

    Petrochemical Plants

    Agro Chemical Industry
    Agro Chemical Industry

    Agro Chemical Industry

    Why Choose Our Cooling Towers in Malaysia?

    Low maintenance

    Low Sound Levels

    Save H2O

    Corrosion free  Towers

    NO.1 Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

    Your Industry’s Best Cooling Tower Solution Partner

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified recognized cooling tower manufacturing company in Malaysia, offering a wide variety of products to meet the Industrial norm at cost-effective prices. We have done over 12000+ Installations for the past 12 years. Since cooling towers are an integral part of Industry, Hence it is necessary to manufacture the products with safety measures. Being best water cooling tower supplier in Malaysia various Industries make use of our products and they are primary metals processing plants, glass manufacturing plants, malls, hospitals, milk & dairy plants, rubber products manufacturing plants, natural gas processing plants, plastic manufacturing Industry, DG(Diesel Generator) set, nuclear power plants, plastic injection moulding machine, food processing plants, and other industrial facilities.  Do you want to know our cooling tower price in Malaysia then Just make a call us at 9143022255 or fill out your details on our free online quote form to get our long-lasting cooling towers to your commercial place.

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