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    High-Performance FRP Cooling Towers in Qatar

    World Cooling Towers an leading EN ISO 9001:2015 certified cooling tower manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar focused on supplying energy-efficient and power-saving products to various industries. Offering a wide range of cooling tower types like FRP Round, Square, Wooden, Cross, Counter, Modular, Evaporative, and Natural Cooling Towers in a variety of sizes and at competitive costs. As a renowned cooling tower supplier in Qatar, We have a technically advanced dedicated team who are skilled to assemble according to the industrial requirement. These are used in industry as an integral part to reduce the temperature of the water. With rich resources and experience, We offer our products and services to industries like petroleum refiners, power plants, malls, hospitals, glass manufacturing companies, plastic manufacturing units, and so on. To get our product for your industry, fill out the form.

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    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturing Company that Committed to Supply Supreme Quality Cooling Towers in Qatar

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturing Company that Committed to Supply Supreme Quality Cooling Towers in Qatar

    Types of Cooling Towers We Manufacture

    For over 14+ years, We have been manufacturing high-quality industrial FRP cooling towers for a variety of industries. As an established cooling tower dealers in Qatar, who supply and export all across the country to clients. Our industrial cooling towers are well equipped to provide energy-efficient and corrosion free cooling systems in Qatar. We supply products that adhere to CTI specifications and industry standards. These are designed and manufactured in-house using cutting-edge technology by a well-established innovative team to meet the needs of industrial applications.

    Our Various Types of Cooling Towers

    FRP Round Cooling Towers

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    FRP Square Cooling Towers

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    FRP Dry Cooling Towers

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    FRP Wooden Cooling Towers

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    FRP Modular Cooling Towers

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    FRP Evaporative Cooling Towers

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    FRP Natural Draft Cooling Towers

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    FRP Counter Flow Cooling Towers

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    Unique Features Of Our Product

    Heat Dissipation

    Disperse heat from industrial operations or HVAC systems using the evaporative cooling principle, involving water evaporating and transferring heat to the atmosphere through air flow.

    Tower Structure

    Tall cylindrical structures made of reinforced concrete, steel, or fiberglass, enhancing air circulation and heat transmission. They support fill material and ensure efficient cooling.

    Drift Eliminator

    Drift eliminators in cooling towers capture water droplets, minimizing water loss and reducing environmental impact, preventing them from being carried out, ensuring efficient cooling operations.

    Fan Systems

    They use fans to circulate air, aiding heat transmission. Fans can be axial or centrifugal, drawing and discharging air at higher velocities to enhance evaporation.

    Safety Features

    To ensure safe operation and maintenance, cooling towers may have numerous safety elements such as access platforms, guardrails, and safety switches.

    Water Distribution System

    Cooling towers use a water distribution system with spray nozzles or splash bars to ensure optimal cooling and efficient heat transmission.

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      Top 10 cooling tower manufacturers

      Being Largest Cooling Tower Suppliers in Qatar

      We supply high-quality industrial cooling towers in Qatar at reasonable prices. We manufacture and deal with a variety of industries, including petrochemical industries, DG sets, glass manufacturing units, malls, hospitals, air compressors, thermal power plants, induction furnaces, plastic molding machines, chemical processing, natural gas processing plants, food and beverage industries, and also schools, malls, theatres, commercial buildings and so on.

      FRP Cooling Manufacturers in Qatar

      What Makes Us Unique

      Our cooling tower company in Qatar is a one-stop for industries to get high-quality cooling towers for reducing the temperature of the water or industrial fluid at a reasonable price.

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      Qatar’s Leading Industrial FRP Cooling Tower Solutions

      Looking for an affordable FRP cooling tower solution for the industry? We are the pioneer cooling tower manufacturer and suppliers in Qatar, specializing in planning, and export high-quality industrial cooling towers according to the requirement of the field. We offer top-quality, long-lasting, and energy-efficient industrial cooling towers at a reasonable price with advanced technologies. Effective use of top-grade raw materials like pvc fills, motors, fans, sprinklers, nozzles, and drift lifters made us deliver best-in-class cooling towers for our esteemed clients all across Qatar.

      Our Cooling Tower Services Includes

      • Cooling system design and manufacture as per your requirements

      • Upgrade/ Reconstruction advised by our experts

      • Reconditioning as per your requirements

      • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

      • Performance testing and vibration analysis

      We Manufacture Cooling Towers For

      • Industries/ Distilleries/ Breweries

      • Power Plants/ Paper Mills

      • Sand Blasting

      • Health Care/ Hospitals

      • Spinning/ Knitting/ Hosiery Mills

      • Cement Plants & More

      Industries We Work With

      Cold Storage
      Cold Storages

      Cold Storages

      Power Plants
      Power Plants

      Power Plants



      Steel Plants
      Steel Plants

      Steel Plants

      Food Processing Plants
      Food Processing Plants

      Food processing plants

      Pharmaceutical Industry
      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Petrochemical Plants

      Petrochemical Plants

      Agro Chemical Industry
      Agro Chemical Industry

      Agro Chemical Industry

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