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The Natural Draft Cooling Tower is the right choice for large power plants; it is also called a fanless, fill-less cooling tower. We manufacture and supply high-quality natural-draft cooling towers for all kinds of large power plants. It doesn’t require any Fans or PVC fills for operation. These are 100% safe and work efficiently without any power or maintenance, like other cooling towers. A natural cooling tower uses the principle of the evaporation of water against the airflow. Hot water is sprayed from the nozzles to increase the heat transfer surface area. The Natural Draft Cooling Tower has more advantages. Some of these are: no mechanical noise, limited maintenance, environmentally friendly, no electrical fan installed to save power, and more.

Natural Draft Cooling Tower Suppliers

Cooling Tower Specification:

Description Details
Capacity 10 TR to 1000 TR
Maximum Water Flow Varies according to the capacity
Supply Phase Three Phase
Fan Diameter varies based on capacity
Tower Material Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
Tower Design Natural Flow Cooling
Shape Rectangular

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