Dry Cooling Tower or Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is mostly used for diesel generators, induction Furnace, Aluminium Die Casting, Hydraulic Power Pack, and Compressors. It is a single unit that can provide from 1000 kW to 1500 kW capacities. It is a cooling tower that is used to cool and maintains the working place temperature at a particular level. Dry cooling tower process as heat transfer by a heat exchanger with extended fins. Contact us for the order.


Description Details
Capacity 10 TR to 5000 TR
Maximum Water Flow Varies according to the capacity
Supply Phase Three Phase
Fan Diameter varies based on capacity
Tower Material FRP, Stainless steel
Shape Dry cooling

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    • Design & manufacture according to the requirement

    • Installation at Industry

    • Refurbishment

    • Upgrading Cooling Towers

    • Performance Testing

    • Maintenance and Repair

    We Manufacture Our Cooling Tower for

    • Water cooled air conditioning systems/VAM machines

    • Plastic injection/blow moulding machine

    • Diesel Generators and Pressure Transmitter

    • Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Iron Industries

    • Paper/Plastic Manufacturing Industry

    • Food, milk & diary plants and canning machine

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