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    Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Bangalore

    World Cooling Towers is an established FRP cooling tower manufacturers in Bangalore who produces extremely long-lasting products for the Industries. Our cooling tower is an enclosed structure that removes heat from the water or other fluids used in Industries. With the help of Fibre-reinforced plastic, we manufacture and supply non-corrosive and low maintenance cooling towers all over Bangalore.  We offer various range of products to meet the Industrial requirement and our products are FRP Round / Square / Dry / Wooden / Cross Flow / Modular / Evaporative / Natural / Counter Flow Cooling Towers. Order our cooling towers by calling to 91430 22255 or requesting a free online quote.

    • As a cooling tower supplier in Bangalore, We offer long-lasting and highly functioning products to various industries at the best price.
    • Our experts are highly experienced in providing an array of efficient and cooling towers in Bangalore.
    • Apart from manufacturing and supplying, we provide free cooling tower installation and help the Industries to get the right product.
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    Our Featured Industrial Cooling Tower Products

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified cooling tower suppliers in Bangalore who offer highly functioning products to international quality standards. We can deliver our high-quality cooling tower to any location in Bangalore. Our cooling towers will help you to achieve the highest level of efficiency without compromising quality. As a leading cooling tower manufacturers in Bangalore, we offer a complete range of cooling towers according to Industrial standards. Our offered cooling towers are well-known by our clients for their enormous features such as corrosion-free towers, smooth functioning, easy to operate and durability.

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturing Company that Committed to Supply Supreme Quality Cooling Towers in Bangalore

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    No.1 FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Bangalore

    We manufacture the most powerful cooling tower for the industry at a reasonable price with high-quality and power-saving cooling towers. World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 industrial certified dealer and manufacturer of cooling tower in Bangalore. No matter where you are, we are exporting our FRP cooling towers all over Bangalore on time. With help of the technical support team, we committed to manufacturing optimal cooling towers for the Industries. By leveraging our knowledge, experience, and innovation, we manufacture the finest and high-performing products that support various Industries and businesses thrive. As Bangalore’s leading cooling tower suppliers and distributors, we offer service at any time and deliver products on scheduled dates. Want to know our cooling tower price in Bangalore? Then get an instant quote here.

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    FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Bangalore

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    If you are in search of FRP cooling tower manufacturers in Bangalore, we are the best choice for you to find standard cooling towers at a reasonable price.

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    Best Cooling Tower Suppliers in Bangalore for Your Industry

    As a leading Cooling Tower Suppliers in Bangalore, we are continuously focused on providing and manufacturing long-lasting and power-saving cooling towers to meet the Industrial requirement. Cooling Towers are used as an Integral part of Industries like glass manufacturing firms, rubber product manufacturing, malls, hospitals, IT parks, food processing plants, milk & diary Plants, DG set, Injection moulding machine, Plastic Industry, textile manufacturing plants and petroleum refineries. We are the dealers of various cooling towers in Bangalore.

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    Reasons to choose our Industrial cooling towers in Bangalore

    Easy To Use

    Our manufactured cooling towers are easy to handle and do not require preventive measures to maintain the cooling towers. Our towers are known for their heavy-duty performance and can endure for a longer life span. We offer our cooling tower in ultimate working condition to efficiently.

    Low Sound Levels

    Our cooling towers are enhanced by using the ultra low-level noise fan, which can achieve a reduction in noise while maintaining high efficiency without compromising tower performance. We manufactured our cooling tower with cutting edge technology in order to reduce noise pollution.

    Made in INDIA

    Our cooling towers are fully designed and manufactured with the spare parts available from India. We also have different types of high quality spare parts that are used to manufacture energy-efficient cooling towers at a cost-effective price

    Save H2O

    Our cooling towers are manufactured to maximise cooling tower efficiency while reducing water use. We can save water and reduce blowdown by increasing the concentration cycle. The main goal of our towers is to reduce water usage and increase performance.

    Corrosion Free & Durable

    We design our cooling towers with rust and corrosion proof which last longer. We manufacture cooling towers with engineered plastic which require low maintenance, greater energy efficiency, improve sustainability.

    Quick Response

    We offer the most convenient cooling tower services near you which is fast, easy and hassle free. Our services to the industry are free inspections, Structural repairs, Service Contracts, Rebuilds and thermal upgrades.

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