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    Leading FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Hyderabad

    World Cooling Towers is a quality-focused cooling tower Manufacturers in Hyderabad, supplying various Cooling Towers following industry standards using best-grade raw materials. Our products types are FRP Round / Square / Dry / Wooden / Cross Flow / Modular / Evaporative / Natural and Counter Flow Cooling Towers. It is an integral part used to reduce the temperature of the water and other fluid used in various industries. We aim to utilize our global innovation and design skills, as well as our knowledge of our export markets, to satisfy the needs of our clients and their businesses, and to provide industries with truly added value cooling towers. Looking for highly functioning cooling towers in Hyderabad for your Industry? then we are here to help you to find the right industrial cooling tower for your industry. To order this, call us at 91430 22255 or contact us by filling out the form.

    • We are an ISO 9001:0125 certified FRP cooling tower manufacturer, committed to bringing maximum value to our clients.
    • Our experts understand the industry’s needs and help the industry to get the premium cooling towers at the best price.
    • Strict quality standards and prompt after-sale service paved the way for us to be the leading manufacturer of FRP cooling tower in Hyderabad.
    • Proven premium features of our products are easy to use, eco-friendly, less operating cost, corrosion-free, efficient, and thermal performance.
    Industrial cooling tower manufacturers in Hyderabad

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    World Cooling Towers is the leading EN ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturer of FRP cooling tower in Hyderabad

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    We are offering

    Best Industrial Cooling Towers in Hyderabad

    Best Industrial Cooling Towers in Hyderabad

    Being one of the trusted cooling tower suppliers in Hyderabad, Our main goal is to provide high-quality products to the Industry at competitive prices. We manufacture our products with the best materials and advanced technology to perform up to the client’s expectations. We are a team of professionals who are having years 13+ years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing various cooling towers at an affordable rate. We offer the optimum solution for those who are all looking for an industrial cooling tower in Hyderabad. When talking about cooling tower price in Hyderabad, We offer top-quality products at a reasonable cost.  Below we listed the offered types

    Counter Flow Cooling Tower Suppliers in India

    Counter Flow Cooling Towers

    Cross flow cooling tower manufacturers

    Cross Flow Cooling Towers

    Dry Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    Dry Cooling Towers

    FRP Round Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    Round Cooling Tower

    wooden cooling tower price in India

    Wooden Cooling Towers

    Natural Draft Cooling Tower Supplier

    Natural Draft Cooling Towers

    Modular Cooling Towers

    FRP-Square-Cooling-Towers Suppliers

    Square Cooling Towers

    Evaporative Cooling Towers at low price

    Evaporative Cooling Towers

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    NO.1 FRP Cooling Tower Suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana

    NO.1 FRP Cooling Tower Suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana

    Looking for a manufacturer of cooling tower in Hyderabad?, Then World Cooling Towers is a perfect solution partner for your Industry. We provide the industry with highly functioning, reliable performance, and heavy-duty cooling towers. Our FRP Cooling Towers plays a vital role in various industries including Petroleum refining, Plastic Manufacturing Industry, injection moulding machine, DG(Diesel Generator) set, Power plants, Chemical processing, Natural gas processing plants, Food processing plants and also Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Theatres, Commercial buildings, etc. We are successful in delivering our FRP Cooling towers all over Hyderabad that is widely required in various Industries. Our cooling tower manufacturing firm is equipped with professionally qualified engineers who are experts in designing, planning, quality control and production functions.
    There are various cooling tower suppliers in Hyderabad, but where to buy, We recommend, buying cooling towers for your Industry who offers energy-saving, long-lasting cooling towers at a competitive price. Now you can ask if all these premium features are available in one place? Yes, World Cooling Towers is the finest solution partner for your industries. Since their years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying various cooling towers all over Hyderabad are vast, giving world-class cooling towers at an affordable price. We serve various industries with our quality products and they are food processing plants, petroleum refiners, natural gas plants and petrochemical plants.

    Our Cooling Tower Services Includes

    • Cooling system design and manufacture as per your requirements

    • Upgrade/ Reconstruction advised by our experts

    • Reconditioning as per your requirements

    • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

    • Performance testing and vibration analysis

    We Manufacture Cooling Towers For

    • Industries/ Distilleries/ Breweries

    • Power Plants/ Paper Mills

    • Sand Blasting

    • Health Care/ Hospitals

    • Spinning/ Knitting/ Hosiery Mills

    • Cement Plants & More

    Best Solution Partner for Industrial Cooling Towers in Hyderabad

    Free Installation

    Our team of experts provide free quick installation service all over Hyderabad. For the past 13 years, we have done 10000+ Installations all over Hyderabad and India with 100% customer satisfaction.  Order and get an energy-saving cooling tower for your Industry at a cost-effective price. If you face any problem with your cooling towers, our experts come to your place and provide a quick solution.

    Cooling Tower Services

    As leading FRP cooling tower manufacturers in Hyderabad, World Cooling Towers has the customer satisfied in various Industries who appreciate the quality and performance of our products. We also offer various levels of services including cleaning services, water treatment services, coating services, inspection services, maintenance services, parts replacements, performance testing, maintenance programs and more.

    Why We Are The Best Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Hyderabad

    Premimum Products

    Lowest price

    Timely Delivery

    Free Delivery all over Hyderabad

    As Hyderabad’s leading cooling tower suppliers and Distributors, We exporting our highly durable products within a scheduled time. Are you looking for cost-effective service for your Industry, Then World Cooling Towers is a one-stop cooling tower solution for your Industry. We are the pioneer in manufacturing and distributing highly functioning cooling towers in Hyderabad. Our manufactured cooling tower increases efficiency and decreases downtime.

    cooling towers in Hyderabad
    Cooling Tower Exporters in Hyderabad

    Why World Cooling Towers

    We are the ISO 9001:2015 certified FRP cooling tower manufacturers in Hyderabad offering a wide range of industrial cooling towers including cross-flow / Natural Draft / Counter Flow / Evaporative Cooling Tower and Round Cooling Towers at a competitive price. We have a team of professionals who are having commendable knowledge and experience in manufacturing and designing premium quality cooling towers.

    What Our Client Says

    Industries We Work With

    Cold Storage
    Cold Storages

    Cold Storages

    Power Plants
    Power Plants

    Power Plants



    Steel Plants
    Steel Plants

    Steel Plants

    Food Processing Plants
    Food Processing Plants

    Food processing plants

    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Petrochemical Plants

    Petrochemical Plants

    Agro Chemical Industry
    Agro Chemical Industry

    Agro Chemical Industry

    Top Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers and Suppliers in Hyderabad

    Top Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers and Suppliers in Hyderabad

               World Cooling Towers is determined to provide the best possible customer service and the products that we would like to introduce to the Industry are tested for the ISO and CTI standards. We try our best to upgrade the process and materials, incorporating international developments in the cooling solutions to benefit our customers. With over 13+ years of experience in delivering unmatched quality products at a reasonable price, We are one among the largest FRP Cooling Towers suppliers in Hyderabad and Our success is founded on the success of our customers. We offer free Installations service to get the best quality cooling solutions for your Industry.

    What Make Us Unique
    • We are the one-stop solution provider in Hyderabad offering highly valued products, spare parts and machine services to the companies in Hyderabad.

    • When talking about the quality of cooling towers, then World Cooling Towers is the best manufacturing company delivering a huge range of products at a reasonable price.

    Why Choose Us
    • World Cooling Towers is an established manufacturing company in 2010. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying products to various sectors.

    • If you are searching for low-cost cooling tower manufacturers in Hyderabad, then you can rely on us, We are the best option in providing you with cost-effective prices.

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