Best Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Coimbatore

World Cooling Towers is one of the leading cooling tower manufacturers in Coimbatore, offering high-quality FRP cooling towers at the most affordable prices. We manufacture wide range of FRP cooling towers such as Square Cooling Towers, Round Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, Dry Cooling Towers, Cross Flow Cooling Towers, Modular Cooling Towers, Evaporative Cooling Towers, Natural Cooling Towers and Counter Flow Cooling Towers. FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Cooling Tower is an important appliance for both small scale and large scale industries like Petroleum refining, Power plants, Chemical processing, Natural gas processing plants, Food processing plants and also Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Theatres, etc. If you are looking for industrial cooling tower manufacturers in Coimbatore, then you’re in the right place to order.


Types of Cooling Towers We Manufacture

round shape cooling tower manufacturer in coimbatore
FRP Round Cooling Towers

Our Round bottle shape cooling towers used in all types of industries, by cool the recycle water 5m3  / 1000m3 per hour with 100% cooling efficiency. Being it round, the air flow in the cooling tower is evenly distributed to reduce heat..

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frp square shape cooling tower supplier in coimbatore
FRP Square Cooling Towers

We are engaged in manufacturing FRP square type cooling towers that offer at an affordable price with high quality. Demanding users of Square Cooling Towers are a diesel engine suppliers, process coolers, machine and air-conditioning plants.

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dry cooling tower supplier in coimbatore
FRP Dry Cooling Towers

Our dry cooling towers or Coil Coolers mostly used for Diesel generators, Induction Furnace, Aluminium Die Casting, Hydraulic Power Pack,  and Compressors devices. It is a single unit can provide in capacities from 1000 kW to 1500 kW.

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frp wooden cooling towers in coimbatore
FRP Wooden Cooling Towers

We are proud to offer you a reliable range of wooden cooling towers for different industrial plants. It has splash bars, fill media and supported on FRP Grids to ensure positive and permanent positioning.

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frp cross flow cooling tower manufacturer in coimbatore
FRP Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Our Cross Flow Cooling Tower process by inducing draft methods. It proceeds by air flows via the fills in horizontal fashion and waterfalls down in vertical fashion. It is a user-friendly cooling tower.

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modular type cooling tower
FRP Modular Cooling Towers

A modular cooling tower can process large quantities of water, and it has a substantial cooling capacity. It easy to adjust to cooling requirements and the available space, whether they used singly or in series.

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evaporative cooling tower supplier in coimbatore
FRP Evaporative Cooling Towers

Evaporative Cooling Towers is processed or cool the air through the evaporation of water. It eliminates the sensible heat transfer step of the condenser coil water, which required in the cooling tower/condenser system. Self-cleaning and smooth functionality.

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natural draft cooling tower manufacturers in coimbatore
FRP Natural Cooling Towers

The natural draft cooling tower is the right choice for large power plants. It is open direct contact type which process to heat exchange where hot water from the system or condenser gets cooled by direct contact with fresh air.

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frp counter flow cooling towers in coimbatore
FRP Counter Flow Cooling Towers

We manufacturing the high-quality Counter Flow Cooling Towers for in Chemical Processing (Chemical Industries), Dairy & Food Industries, Cement Plant, Steel Factory, Petroleum Refining, Sugar Mills and various industries.

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Why We Are The Best FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Why you need to buy a cooling tower with the best cooling tower manufacturers? Here is the answer for you. Yes, the cooling tower is the most important thing for your industry, which may small scale or large scale. Then how can you buy it without thinking anything?  When you are planning to buy a heat exchanger for your industry, first of all, you need to check some necessary features of cooling towers.

There is lots of cooling tower suppliers in coimbatore. But where to buy? We say, buy a cooling tower with a manufacturer who provides complete features such as high quality, long-lasting, energy-efficient with a low price too. You cannot get all these from one manufacturer and supplier, but honestly say we provide more than above all these features as the most trusted FRP cooling tower manufacturers in Coimbatore. Yes, we manufacture industrial cooling towers for more than 10 years and export to all cities in Tamilnadu and other states at the most affordable prices.

Now, if cooling towers in Coimbatore, then World Cooling Towers is coming to mind because we are the one-stop solution for all your cooling tower services that may new tower requirements or old cooling tower services. We don’t mind about your industry location, supply to anywhere in Coimbatore and also outside of Coimbatore. If you are searching for the best Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Coimbatore then you are in just one step away to get that. Just fill out our free online quote form or call us to get a world-class cooling tower at your place.

Our Cooling Tower Services Includes

  • Cooling system design and manufacture as per your requirements

  • Upgrade/ Reconstruction advised by our experts

  • Reconditioning as per your requirements

  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

  • Performance testing and vibration analysis

We Manufacture Cooling Towers For

  • Industrial/ Distilleries/ Breweries

  • Power Plants/ Paper Mills

  • Sand Blasting

  • Health Care/ Hospitals

  • Cement Plants

  • Spinning/ Knitting/ Hosiery Mills

Why Choose Us

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