About Us

World Cooling Towers (WCT) is a manufacturer of Cooling Towers using new technologies for efficient to meet the customer’s requirement at an affordable price. We offer cost-effective, energy-efficient, and high-quality cooling towers since 2010. We established by a group of technocrats committed with dedication. Quality is the most concern in our vision because we believe “business plan is the best business”. We are consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. We deliver the product at any time and anywhere within time. We maintain a stock of spare parts specific to your WCT as well as other brands. Maintenance Service in addition to providing complete instructions and continuing guidance. As a leading FRP cooling tower manufacturer in India, we will provide as many “hands-on” maintenance guide for our clients to get easy understand and satisfaction.

We have expanded our locations to all the major cities in India with the vision to support various industries. The location we serve are,

  1. Cooling Towers in Hyderabad
  2. Cooling Towers in Chennai
  3. Cooling Towers in Kerala
  4. Cooling Towers in Bangalore
  5. Cooling Towers in Madurai
  6. Cooling Towers in Salem
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Our Mission And Vision