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    Best Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Singapore

    World Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) cooling tower manufacturers in Singapore, offering energy-efficient, high-quality, and strongly made fiberglass cooling towers at affordable prices. We manufacture a wide range of industrial cooling products such as Square / Round / Wooden / Dry Cooling Towers / Cross Flow / Modular / Evaporative / Natural Draft and Counter Flow Cooling Towers by using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The primary function of the industrial cooling towers is to reduce the temperature of the chemical fluid or water and make them reusable. If you are looking for industrial cooling tower suppliers in Singapore then you’re in the right place to order. As the topmost dry cooling tower manufacturers in Singapore, we assure you that you can get the best quality and long-lasting cooling towers for your industry at affordable prices from us.

    • We offer our extensive range of cooling tower capacities ranging from 30 TR to 5000 TR.
    • These products are manufactured as per the industrial standards and CTI Standards.
    • We manufacture and supply our FRP cooling tower according to your industrial requirements
    • We provide 24/7 guaranteed cooling tower service in Singapore with free installation.
    • Some Features are hassle-free, supreme quality, high performance, and increased thermal performance
    • The development team at our firm is solely dedicated to manufacturing fully integrated cooling towers for industrial use.

    World Cooling Towers is an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified FRP cooling towers manufacturers in Singapore.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Cooling Towers in Singapore

    Easy to maintain

    Easy to Maintain

    Low Sound Levels

    Low Sound Levels

    Power Saving

    Energy Efficient

    Save Water

    Save H2O

    Free From Corrosion

    Corrosion free  Towers

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    Quick Response

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      List of Industrial Cooling Towers We Manufacture in Singapore

      We are the top cooling tower suppliers in Singapore providing various types of products and exporting all over Singapore at a competitive price. Whether you are searching for and looking to upgrade the cooling systems or are a first-time buyer, We offer you an array of cost-effective adiabatic cooling towers for your industry. As leading industrial cooling tower dealers in Singapore, We launched various products & spare parts to meet the chemical, glass, and plastic manufacturing industrial requirements. These are specially designed to reduce hot water into normal reusable water. Our 12+ years of experience in work and impeccable customer service made us one of the top 10 cooling tower manufacturers in Singapore. Some of the types we manufacture are listed below; have look and order for your industries.

      cross flow cooling towers manufacturers

      FRP Crossflow Cooling Towers

      Natural Draft Cooling Towers

      Natural Draft Cooling Towers

      Modular Cooling Tower

      FRP Modular Cooling Tower

      counter flow cooling towers

      Counter Flow Cooling Towers

      dry cooling towers manufacturers

      FRP Dry Cooling Towers

      Bottle Type Cooling Tower

      FRP Round Cooling Tower

      wooden cooling tower manufacturers

      FRP Wooden Cooling Tower

      frp square cooling towers

      FRP Square Cooling Tower

      Evaporative Cooling Towers

      FRP Evaporative Cooling Towers

      Hear From Our Satisfied Clients!

      Why We Are The Best FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers in Singapore?

      Why do you need to buy cooling towers in Singapore with the best FRP cooling tower manufacturers? Here is the answer for you. FRP cooling tower is an important appliance for both small-scale and large-scale industries like Petroleum refining, Power plants, Chemical processing, Natural gas processing plants, Food processing plants and also Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Theatres, Commercial buildings, etc. Then how can you buy it without thinking anything? When you are planning to buy a cooling tower for your industry, first of all, you need to know what benefits you will get from that company. Get the High-Quality Industrial product from Singapore’s leading dry cooling tower manufacturers and suppliers.

      Our Cooling Tower Services Includes

      • Cooling system design and manufacture as per your requirements

      • Upgrade/ Reconstruction advised by our experts

      • Reconditioning as per your requirements

      • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

      • Performance testing and vibration analysis

      We Manufacture Cooling Towers For

      • Industries/ Distilleries/ Breweries

      • Power Plants/ Paper Mills

      • Sand Blasting

      • Health Care/ Hospitals

      • Spinning/ Knitting/ Hosiery Mills

      • Cement Plants & More

      Leading cooling tower dealers in Singapore

      Contact us and Get the Best Quality FRP cooling towers with quick installation services. Connect with us for any requirements at 9143022255 or use our free online quote form.

      Top Cooling Towers Company in Singapore

      Industries We Work With

      cold storage

      Cold Storages

      power plant

      Power Plants



      Steel Plants

      Steel Plants

      Food processing plants

      Food processing plants

      Medical industry

      Pharmaceutical Industry



      Agro Chemical Industry

      Agro Chemical Industry

      Frequently Asked Questions

      As a No.1 Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Singapore, we manufacture various types such as Square, Round, Wooden, Dry (closed-circuit cooling towers), Cross Flow, Modular, Evaporative, Natural Draft, and Counter Flow Cooling Towers.

      We offer an effortless way to contact us. You can contact us to order or to get services at 9143022255 or submit your requirements using our free online quote form.

      Yes, we are manufacture cooling tower for all commercial places including Manufacturing companies, Petroleum refining, All Power plants, Chemical processing industries, Natural gas processing plants, Food processing plants and also Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Theatres, or any other commercial buildings.

      We are a one-stop solution for you. Yes, we provide brand new cooling towers, spare parts requirements, repair/services, and any other necessities.

      We are Singapore’s most trustable and leading cooling towers supplier, we deliver our premium quality products to your location, no matter where you are.

      We provide long-lasting, energy-efficient, high-quality FRP cooling towers at a very low price than others. Also, we provide maintenance and repair services anytime.

      We offer our extensive range of cooling tower capacities from 30 TR to 1000 TR at reasonable prices.

      Order Energy-Saving Cooling Tower in Singapore For Your Industry