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    Best Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    We are the leading cooling tower manufacturers in India offering a wide range of top quality products at competitive prices. We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing cooling towers suppliers in India. We are experts in designing and manufacturing premium raw materials with cutting-edge technology. We are involved in manufacturing an extensive range of cooling towers in India including FRP Round / Square / Dry / Wooden / Cross Flow / Modular / Evaporative/ Natural and Counter Flow Cooling Towers. If you are in the search of a highly efficient and environmentally cooling tower for your industry, then definitely use our service with World Cooling Towers. Request a Quote Today.

    • Our experts assist you to find the perfect Industrial cooling tower in India according to the work requirement of your Industry.
    • Our dedication to providing high-quality, energy-efficient cooling towers has allowed us to support the industry over the past 12+ years.
    • The top benefits of choosing our cooling towers are Increased operational efficiency, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.
    • Our cooling towers are manufactured with top quality reinforced fibre plastic and help to be long lasting and free from corrosion.
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    World Cooling Towers is an EN ISO 9001:2015 and CTI certified FRP Cooling Towers Manufacturers in India.

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    List of FRP Cooling Towers We Manufacture in India

    We are the top cooling tower suppliers in India providing various types of products and export to all over India at a competitive price. Whether you are searching for and looking to upgrade the cooling systems or a first-time buyer, We offer you an array of cost-effective cooling towers for your industry. As India’s leading cooling tower manufacturing company, We launched various cooling towers to meet the Industrial requirements at an affordable cost. Our industrial cooling towers are specially designed to reduce hot water into normal reusable water. Our 10+ years of experience in work and impeccable customer service helps us to manufacture environment-friendly cooling towers for companies. Below are the types of industrial cooling towers we manufacture, look it out and order for your industries.

    cross flow cooling towers manufacturers

    FRP Cross flow Cooling Towers

    Counterflow design comes in single module capacities and in a range of cooling tower tonnage–from 10 to 100 cooling tons. Regardless of your needs, We provide innovative designs that last longer, save costs, and eliminate downtime.

    Natural Draft Cooling Towers

    Natural Draft Cooling Towers

    Natural draft cooling towers save a lot of power due to the absence of an electrical fan and fill less. It is best for Industries like large power plants, and we customize our natural draft according to the work environment of Industries.

    Modular Cooling Tower

    FRP Modular Cooling Tower

    We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying an array of cost-effective modular cooling towers all over India. We design this product with utmost best grade raw materials and They are widely demanded in restaurants, hotels, bakeries.

    counter flow cooling towers

    Counter Flow Cooling Towers

    We offer a wide range of choices to the client to choose better counter flow cooling towers for their Industries which are space-efficient and energy saving. This product allows maximum thermal performance and helps to minimize your pump head requirement.

    dry cooling towers manufacturers

    FRP Dry Cooling Towers

    As a leading dry cooling tower manufacturers in India, we design and supply efficient dry fluid coolers which consist of two separate fluid circuits. A tube transferring the heated water is hit with cold water. The heat is transferred through the tube and released into the air.

    Bottle Type Cooling Tower

    FRP Round Cooling Tower

    Bottle type cooling towers are designed to reduce recycled water’s heat water temperature. Inside the round cooling tower, the inlet rotates the sprinkler and it efficiently distributes the water to all the fill media. Our Round Cooling Tower capacity range from 8 m3/hr to 690 m3/hr

    wooden cooling tower manufacturers

    FRP Wooden Cooling Tower

    Timber Cooling Tower offered by WCT are designed to perform for the long term and built for long-lasting durability. Industries can get wooden cooling towers in Induced draft crossflow & induced draft counterflow design. Our excellent functioning product made us the one of the pioneer wooden cooling tower manufacturer in India.

    frp square cooling towers

    FRP Square Cooling Tower

    Our qualified team of professionals, offering an extensive variety of Industrial square cooling towers at the best price and capacity range from 10TR to 10000TR. Our products are specially designed to reduce the temperature of hot water and It is used by Industries like pipe company, soap Industries.

    Evaporative Cooling Towers

    FRP Evaporative Cooling Towers

    We are one of the prominent closed circuit cooling tower manufacturers in India and our products are responsible for cooling based on the web-bulb temperature. It is manufactured with a fan motor so a minimum of energy is used. The benefit of using this product is reduced cost and easy to handle.

    No.1 FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers and suppliers in India

    Efficient Cooling Tower Solution for All Industries

    We are the leading and recognized manufacturer of cooling tower in India offering the top quality FRP cooling towers to all kinds of industries. No matter where you are, we are located in Coimbatore exporting our FRP cooling towers to all over India on time. When talking about the cooling tower price in India, we are always the best company for delivering affordable cooling towers. We manufacture and supply industrial cooling towers at a very low price than the market price. We are an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified closed circuit cooling towers manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter in India providing 100% satisfied services to our customers.

    cooling tower distributors in India
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    Cooling Tower Installation

    We provide quick installation services by our cooling tower experts. We have an experienced team offering a complete cooling tower service include instant free installation anywhere and anytime. We have done 10000+ cooling tower installations in India with 100% customer satisfaction. Just order with us now to get cost-effective cooling towers for your industry. We construct cooling towers for various Industries to support them.

    Cooling Tower Repairs

    As one of the Top leading FRP cooling tower manufacturers in India, World Cooling Towers is a name you can trust and rely on to meet all your needs. We provide efficient cooling tower services includes cleaning services, water treatment services, coating services, inspection services, maintenance services, parts replacements, performance testing, maintenance programs and more. Industries in India can get our cooling towers in a variety of sizes ranging from large to small.

    Delivery all over india

    As a quality focused manufacturer of FRP cooling towers in India, exporting our energy-saving cooling towers to anywhere in India and worldwide countries within a scheduled time. Are you thinking about post-installation services? As a trusted and top-rated cooling tower wholesale supplier in India, providing finest product and services including repair and maintenance services.

    Why World Cooling Towers

    We are more than 12+ years experienced and ISO 9001:2015 certified reputed cooling tower company in India, the one-stop solution for cooling tower requirements, repair and services. The one best manufacturing company provides long duration, premium quality products with the lowest price. Get affordable and best FRP cooling towers for your industry.

    What Our Client Says

    Trusted Cooling Tower Suppliers in India

    Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    Get a Highly Durable Cooling Tower From us

    We manufacture all types of FRP cooling towers for a wide range of industries and supply them to your location on time. As a trusted water cooling tower manufacturers in India, we supply energy-saving cooling towers to the industries like hospitals, malls, and glass manufacturing industries. We design cooling towers according to your industry requirement with the help of our technical support. We offer a highly durable & environmentally friendly cooling tower to our customers. Our cooling tower provides the best solution for Diesel Generators, Induction furnaces, and Aluminum die casting.  Just make a call us at 9143022255 or fill our free online quote form to get our long-lasting cooling towers to your commercial place.

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    Food processing plants

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    One of the Leading Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

    We manufactured and exported power-saving towers to different types of industries for the past 12 years. We are one of the trusted and recognised closed circuit cooling tower manufacturing companies in India and provide unmatched cooling tower solutions. Our manufactured cooling towers are light in weight, easy to maintain and have less downtime. These attributes increase efficiency and help the tower to work for a longer life span. We committed ourselves to provide an optimal range of cooling towers for our clients. With the help of our team, we can able to do over 10000+ installations.

    We also ensure our cooling towers meet the customer requirements and quality. If you are looking for the best price of cooling tower in India then contact us. We are years of experienced distributors providing uncompromising quality of products and services to our customers. Being eminent cooling tower manufacturer in India, Our products are known for better ease of use, superior performance, improved durability, and excellent cooling tower specifications.

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    What We Do

    • Design & Manufacture cooling tower according to the requirement

    • Installing the cooling tower at Industry

    • Refurbishment & upgrading the cooling tower

    • Performance Testing

    • Maintenance and Repair


    • Air Conditioning

    • Plastic injection and blow moulding machine

    • Diesel Generators and Pressure Transmitter

    • Milk & Diary Plants

    • Chemical Industries

    • Paper Manufacturing Industry

    • Plastic Manufacturing Industry

    Why Choose Our Cooling Towers in India?

    Low maintenance

    Our cooling towers are easy to use and do not require preventive measures to maintain the cooling towers. We provide products with customized specifications and top quality that would help us to stand in front of other cooling tower makers.

    Low Sound Levels

    Most HVAC machines produce high noise pollution, While using them. But we designed our cooling towers with the latest technology and which produce low noise among the ones in the market.

    Made in INDIA

    Our cooling towers are fully designed and manufactured with spare parts from India. Cooling Tower manufactured by us is highly durable and energy-efficient at a reasonable price.

    Save H2O

    Our Cooling Towers are specially designed to maximize the cooling tower efficiency and lowers water consumption. By increasing the cycle of concentration we can reduce the water and blowdown is reduced.

    Corrosion free  Towers

    We design our cooling towers with rust and corrosion proof which last longer. We manufacture cooling towers with engineered plastic which require low maintenance, greater energy efficiency, improve sustainability.

    Quick Response

    Our services to the industry are free inspections, Structural repairs, Service Contracts, Rebuilds and thermal upgrades. Also ensure the cooling tower’s working conditions, operation.


    Cooling Tower cost varies according to the size of cooling tower you require for your industry. We manufacture high-quality cooling towers at an affordable price.

    Our services are

    1. Design & Manufacture the cooling towers
    2. Free inspection & evaluations
    3. Quick Response for the emergency repairs
    4. Tower Inspection & Upgrading
    5. Replacing the parts
    6. Cooling Towers performance analysis

    We manufacture and supply all types of cooling towers. And Our top-selling cooling towers are Round Cooling Towers, Square Cooling Towers, Dry Cooling Tower, Wooden Cooling Tower, Crossflow cooling towers, modular cooling towers and so on.

    Yes. We supply our high energy efficient and power saving cooling towers all over India and our cooling towers are suitable for all types of Industries & commercial places.

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