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Top Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

World Cooling Towers is a No.1 Cooling tower manufacturing company in India offering the best quality FRP cooling towers at the lowest price. As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industrial cooling towers in India we provide high quality, energy-efficient and long-lasting cooling towers to anywhere in India. We manufacture all types and sizes of cooling towers which include FRP Round Cooling Towers, FRP Square Cooling Towers, FRP Natural Draft Cooling Towers, FRP Dry Cooling Towers (closed-circuit cooling towers), FRP Wooden Cooling Towers, FRP Modular Cooling Towers, FRP Counter Flow Cooling Towers, FRP Cross Flow Cooling Towers and FRP Evaporative Cooling Towers. So you can get any type of cooling tower for your industries at World Cooling Towers. No matter where your industry located, small or large scale industry, when you need it or which types and size of the cooling tower you need. We manufacture all types of cooling towers to a wide range of industries and supply to your location on time. Just make a call us at 9143022255 or fill out your details on our free online quote form to get our long-lasting cooling tower to your Commercial place. Are you looking for the best cooking tower company in India, then contact us now.

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World Cooling Towers is an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified FRP cooling towers manufacturers in Coimbatore.

World Cooling Towers is an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified FRP cooling towers manufacturers in Coimbatore.

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We are the best cooling tower suppliers in India manufacturing various types of industrial cooling towers and export to all over India. Below are types of industrial cooling towers we manufacture, look it out and order for your industries.


frp counterflow cooling tower

Counter Flow Cooling Towers

cross flow cooling towers manufacturers

Cross Flow Cooling Towers

dry cooling towers manufacturers in india

Dry Cooling Towers

cooling tower companies in india

Round Cooling Tower

wooden cooling tower manufacturer in india

Wooden Cooling Towers

cooling tower suppliers in india

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

modular type cooling tower

Modular Cooling Towers

square cooling tower exporter

Square Cooling Towers

evaporative cooling towers suppliers

Evaporative Cooling Towers

Best Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India

We World Cooling Towers is a leading industrial cooling tower manufacturer in India offering the best quality FRP cooling towers to all kinds of the industries. No matter where you are, we located in Coimbatore exporting our FRP cooling towers to all over India on time. When talking about the cooling tower price we always the best one in Tamilnadu & India, we manufacture and supply industrial cooling towers at a more affordable price than the market price. We are an EN ISO 9001:2015 certified cooling towers manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India providing 100% satisfied services to our customers.


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Cooling Tower Installation

We provide quick installation services by our cooling tower experts. We have an experienced team offering a complete cooling tower service include instant installation anywhere and anytime. We have done 10000+ cooling tower installation in India with 100% customer satisfaction. Just order with us now to get cost-effective cooling towers for your industry.


Cooling Tower Repairs

World Cooling Towers is top FRP cooling tower manufacturers in India providing efficient cooling tower repairs and services. We provide complete services includes cleaning services, water treatment services, coating services, inspection services, maintenance services, parts replacements, performance testing, maintenance programs and more.

From Coimbatore To Anywhere

We Coimbatore based cooling towers manufacturer, exporting our energy-efficient cooling towers to anywhere in India and worldwide countries within a scheduled time. Are you thinking about post-installation services? As a trusted and top-rated manufacturing company, providing cooling tower repair and maintenance services anywhere with our experts.

Why World Cooling Towers

We are more than 12+ years experienced and ISO 9001:2015 certified cooling tower company in India, the one-stop solution for cooling tower requirements, repair and services. The one best manufacturing company provides long duration, premium quality products with the lowest price. Get affordable and best FRP cooling towers for your industry.

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